5 House Viewing Mistakes to Avoid


So you finally have your money complete for your own accommodation and it’s time to start searching for a house. You’ve arranged a few viewings, and then you remember something – you don’t know what you’re looking for.

You create a checklist of things you want the house to deliver on, but we’re betting it doesn’t cover everything. In fact, many house hunters miss a few essentials that could cost them more money down the road.

You don’t want to be in this position, so we’ve highlighted five house viewing blunders that you must avoid when buying a property in London.

Bringing Along a Family Member

Yes, your mum may be able to offer some advice when you’re looking for a house. But she doesn’t know what you want. In fact, her comments on the décor and other things that she doesn’t like may even distract you.

Remember that you don’t have the same taste as other people. The opinions of others could deter you from a house that you like the look of. Take opinions on board, but remember that yours is the one that matters most.

Speeding Through the Viewing

Your seller’s agent may have given you a tight time slot for the viewing, but don’t pay attention to it. Take as long as you need to check every corner of the house.

The agent may try to hurry you along, but this could cause you to miss something important. If you want to check every water fixture, do it. Pay attention to when the agent tries to hurry you too, as this could be a sign that you’re about to discover something they don’t want you to know.

Look Beyond the New

We all want the latest modern conveniences (mod-cons), but they don’t mean anything if the rest of the house is falling apart. Remember that the brand new kitchen is just one part of the package. Don’t let shiny new things distract you.

In fact, use recent renovations to inform your questions. Ask why the seller made the renovation, and factor this into talking about any potential issues with the property that have gone unaccounted for.

Expecting Things to be Perfect

On the flip side, going in looking for the perfect property may be a fool’s errand. Yes, you should like the property enough to want to live in it, but don’t be dissuaded by minor issues that won’t take much to fix.

For example, some buyers may pass on an otherwise great property because they don’t like the paint job. That’s something you can fix with a couple of afternoons of work.

Not Viewing the Neighbourhood

This is the number one mistake that most house viewers make. Your surroundings are almost as important as the house you’re thinking about buying. Many a buyer has moved into a new home, only to find that they don’t like the neighbourhood.

Take some time to walk up and down the street. Look for signs of vandalism, loudness, or anything else that suggests this may not be a pleasant place to live. If you don’t spot any, you can go into the house viewing with more confidence.

Goodluck with your house viewing!

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